Bang Dream: How to Get Free (Paid) Star Gems

Stars or gems are the “freemium” currency in the popular mobile rhythm game “Bang Dream.”

They are the most sought after currency in the game, as they allow you to do gacha pulls, which allow you to collect your favorite band members.

Types of Stars/Gems

There are two types of gems in Bang Dream:

  • Free Gems
  • Paid Gems

On top of everything free gems can do, paid gems can do a few more things including:

  • Special limited time pulls (usually comes with a miracle ticket that allows you to select your favorite members).
  • Discounted pulls
  • Special step up pulls
  • 4 Star guaranteed pulls

If you have paid gems, remember to save them for these special occasions.

Please note: The gacha rates are quite low (around 2% for a 4* rarity member) so these miracle tickets and 4* guaranteed pulls are value!

How to Get Star Gems in Bang Dream

Here’s a list of ways to get free star gems by playing the game itself.

If you’ve completed most of these and still missing some star gems to pull for your favorite characters, then there’s a few more methods:

Method One: In-Game Ads

Certain countries have the option to get free stars by viewing or interacting with in-game ads.

  1. Click the plus + icon next to your stars.
  2. Go to “free stars” and select “GET”
  3. Click one of those ads and complete an action or make a purchase in order to get your free stars (just do the free ones).

Method Two: Free Happy Box Monthly

Best way to get free star gems in Bang Dream:

  1. Download HoneyGain onto your phone or computer.
  2. Leave it running passively on the background.
  3. Use your earnings to purchase a monthly free happy box which should net you 3000 star gems.

There’s an app called HoneyGain that allows you to earn $10-$20 a month without doing any work.

This is enough to get a monthly happy box which includes 3000 star gems (a mix of free and paid).

Note: Save the paid star gems for the miracle tickets!!

HoneyGain essentially allows you to get paid for stress testing other people’s servers. You basically leave the app on your computer or phone and it’ll use your internet data (note: it doesn’t collect data, just uses your internet bandwidth).

The amount of bandwidth it uses is 10-20 kb/s so it doesn’t cause any lag. If you have unlimited bandwidth like me, this could be a great option for getting free star gems.

It’s possible to use this method for other Gacha games like getting free Royal crystals in Genshin Impact.

Get started with HoneyGain here.

Note: If you use my referral code, we both get $5!!

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